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About Jimmy

Jimmy Sadek has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Winning multiple bodybuilding titles over his career, including State and National Championship, Jimmy continues to elevate the industry with his expertise and knowledge. In addition to his successful career as a personal trainer and coach, Jimmy is a mentor to many successful personal trainers throughout the nation. 

Jimmy's unique implementation of the FDA-approved neuromuscular re-education device, the Neubie, into his sessions has allowed his clients to maximise their results in the most efficient way. 


Join Jimmy and Transform Your Body and Mind

Fit Woman

Lifestyle & Body Transformation Coaching

Every individual is unique, there is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to lifestyle and body transformation coaching. Jimmy's coaching methodology goes far beyond the physical transformation. The goal will be to identify the root cause that prevents you from sticking to a routine and thriving for excellence. With this program, you will see positive changes to all aspects of your life and learn to maximise your potential.

Competition Preparation

Jimmy has coached countless elite athletes over his decades of involvement at different levels in fitness and bodybuilding competitions. If you are serious about reaching the absolute extreme physique and steal the stage on your next show, Jimmy is the right coach for you. You will receive end-to-end support from your off-season to your peak week and comp day with the most bespoke and customised protocol designed just for you.



Electrify your training with the one and only Neubie® machine. As the most proficient Neubie® machine operator in Australia, Jimmy will help you get through injuries and imbalances, break plateaus and smash your strength and conditioning goals in safest and most time efficient way.

It is really difficult to grasp the true potential of this phenomenal technology until your first session. This method is suitable for clients of all levels and conditions. 


Jimmy’s recent time management advice and lifestyle coaching has changed my life and outlook significantly. Inadvertently, this has increased productivity and contributed to growth within my business. And that’s not even touching on the diet and training work we’re doing, which has given me an entirely new lease on life.


Ryan Foster

Managing Director

Ambrosia Marcoms

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